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Meet Dumebi and Teaira


On the remote island of Koh Rong in Cambodia, I encountered these two charming digital nomads who are crafting an international lifestyle through Spiritual Healing/Counseling


How long have you been working remotely and traveling?

We have been working remotely and traveling full-time for about 9 months now.


Why did you start traveling?

Traveling is very important to us.


  • Dumebi is originally from Nigeria and has traveled and moved around all of her life. Growing up in different areas, learning different languages/cultures, and having different experiences has definitely shaped her life and perspective in many ways.


  • Teaira was born and raised in Ohio.  From an early age, she was eager to explore the world to see what adventures and experiences were waiting for her.


We had discussed the idea of extended travel for a while until one day we decided to take the plunge. We knew that the only way we could truly expand our personal and professional growth was to step outside our comfort zones.  So, we packed our things and hit the road!


We decided that if we wanted to change the world, we need to see the rest of it first.


Traveling helps expand your mind, push your limits, and learn about yourself along the way. We started traveling because it was our calling and we figured… hey, why not have fun while we’re at it?


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What are your services? 

We are spiritual counselors and healers, know as the Light SisterZ. We travel and participate in different holistic and spiritual events, host workshops, classes, and retreats in different countries. We also provide one on one counseling sessions that can be done in person or via Facetime/Skype/Phone.

Check out some of our adventures on Instagram  (@lightsisterz), Youtube  (Light SisterZ), or Facebook (Light SisterZ). 


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How did you find your first client?

We started by doing readings for fun with our friends.  It eventually led to giving them guidance and helping them through difficult everyday situations. We were later encouraged by our friends to do this work for a living.


When we were still new to our business, our friends who previously received readings from us referred us to their friends and family.  After a while, word of mouth started to generate enough connections for us to focus on readings full time!


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Walk me through your day.  How do you prioritize your tasks?

Well, every day is different, especially while traveling. We usually get up in the morning and do some work on our laptops/tablets. Our work usually consists of answering emails, client requests, phone calls, etc. Some days we have many clients and other days not so much.


Sometimes we take time off from work as our work can take a lot of energy out of us. When traveling, we take time to explore and see the places that we travel to. We usually blog about our spiritual and personal experiences in each place we go to in order to share our experiences and keep the memories for us to look back on.



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What's the best way to get started with remote work?

We would probably say that the best way to start with remote work is to make a decision on what type of skill/service you can offer, network with existing people in that industry, and take a leap of faith! It’s always easier said than done, but it’s important that you trust yourself and the universe to fully support your goals and dreams!


How did you get your start as Spiritual Counselors?

As mentioned previously, we got started as Spiritual Counselors by simply listening to the signs we were receiving from the universe and our friends. We didn’t necessarily fit into the category of an average counselor, psychic reader, medium, etc. We realize that we focused a lot on being messengers as well guiding and healing others using spiritual practices. 


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What excites you the most about traveling?

The most exciting thing about traveling is the people you meet through your travels as well as the amount of growth you acquire along the way. We love the different foods, languages, cultures, history, and sceneries; but nothing excites us more than truly becoming better people from simply immersing ourselves in a new place away from home.


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What is your 1, 3, 5 year plan?

Being in our 20’s, we have many goals and plans for ourselves (that sometimes can change along the way). As the Light SisterZ, we see ourselves continuing to grow every year. 


Within the next year, we are trying to host several retreats, organize speaking events, and teach classes in at least 5 countries around the world.  


Within the next 3 - 5 years, we plan on completing our Ph.D’s in Metaphysical Counseling and Therapy, become published authors, and build new schools and homes for foster children around the world (where we could incorporate quality education about spiritual/holistic healing practices).


Plans can always change, but we are very optimistic and hopeful for bright futures and the impact we wish to have on people's lives. We realize that it is beneficial to have plans for ourselves and our business, but it is also important to let life pan out as it should. If you truly believe in your dream, you can find a way to make it happen!


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What has been your favorite country so far?

Our favorite country so far is definitely VIETNAM! We absolutely love it there! :)



Advice for other digital nomads?

Live your best life and always remember to contribute to the happiness of other people. Document your experiences, have a vision, stay positive through tough times, continue to chase your dreams (even if people don’t have the same vision as you), and ALWAYS stay in places with good wifi :P


Dumebi and Teaira are Spiritual Counselors and Healers who are currently living in Bali, Indoensia.  If you have any questions about the Light SisterZfind them on Instagram  (@lightsisterz), Youtube  (Light SisterZ), or Facebook (Light SisterZ)


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