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*What the heck is a Digital Nomad?


A Digital Nomad is someone who is able to generate income from their expertise anywhere in the world 


Freelancers, remote sales representatives, and remote software developers are great examples of Digital Nomads who are currently traveling and earning income abroad


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See How Other Digital Nomads And Expats Are Living the Dream Worldwide!


Nicki Silvanus: Modern Fashion, Under a Palm Tree


Owner of Under a Palm Tree Photography, Nicki works with local and foreign models to deliver stunning collection campaigns for her apparel clients all over the world.  


Christian Woerz: App Building in SouthEast Asia


When he isn’t dominating the pitch in semi-professional footzy (foosball), Christian Woerz spends his time traveling and building various software applications. Born in Germany, he has extensive experience in crafting a lifestyle around technology and travel.  


Cyril Oh: Copywriting in Paradise


Based in Calabarzon, Philippines, Cyril is that digital nomad we all envy. Living in a country with over 7,000 lush tropical islands, her life really is like what you see in stock photos.  


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